Cleaners & Degreasers

ICC – ECC – Electro Contract Cleaner

The fast-penetrating, fast-evaporating, non-residue cleaner for electrical / electronic and fine parts, cleans and degreases delicate precision mechanisms, penetrating action removes oil, grease, dirt, and other contaminants.

Key features : Safe on all surfaces. Mild odor. Non-staining. Good solvency. No rinsing. No-residue. Non conductive. Plastic safe. Offline cleaner. contains no CFC’S 1,1,1 tricholroethane. Superior cleaning. DE moisturizes. Fast penetration and evaporation. % CFC:0%

Applications: PCB’S. Relays and controls. Semiconductor assemblies. Switches. Telephone equipment. TV tuners. Keyboards. Magnetic tape head. Copy machines. Communication equipment. Temperature equipment. Office equipment. Electric motor connectors. Timing devices. Pressure controls. Signal systems. Ideal for impulse
fingers. Calculators. Computers. Meters. Connectors. Contacts. Fluid systems. Guides.