Lubricants & Penetrants

ICC-GLL-20-Greaseless Lubricant

GLL 20 is a non gumming, greaseless lubricant. Designed to provide superior lubrication and protection of metal parts without attracting dust and particulate that cause residue build-up. GLL 20 quickly penetrates to loosen corrosion and free rusted parts. GLL 20 displaces moisture to dry electrical / electronic parts. GLL 20 cleans and provides short term corrosion protection without aggressive, chlorinated solvents. GLL 20 is safe on most plastics, does not contain CFCs.

Key Features: Remove grease & oil. Corrosion preventive compound. Inhibits corrosion by providing a light greaseless film. Lubricates, cleans & protects. Safe on most Plastics Non-conductive. Resists dirt and dust build up. Displaces moisture. Fast acting penetrant .Does not contain CFCs, chlorinated solvents
or silicone.

Electrical Application: Power tools. Electric motors. Ignition systems. Electronic connectors. Micrometers. Cables. Terminals Boxes. Switches Generators Relays Coils Fuse Panels.

Mechanical Application: Bearings Engines Gears Wheels Fasteners Saw Blades Tools Dies Valves Bits Windows Machinery Castings Forging Stampings Calipers. Robotic arms. Mold Release. Nuts & Bolts. Pressure controls. Springs. Pneumatic hand tools. Locks. Automatic Chokes.